Welcome to Still Stoked, the home of the ultimate longboard skate for surfers..!

2017 was the 20th Anniversary year for Still Stoked. To celebrate this we  produced the 40th Anniversary REISSUE of the surf FLYER board which was Britain’s 1st mass produced skate board. The 1977 FLYER was made in the same wood machining factory that has been used by Still Stoked since 1997. What could be more appropriate therefore. The FLYER heritage is awesome and you can read all about it and get yours from the new

surf FLYER board page.

We have specialised in making boards for surfers since 1997  to surf the tarmac in the ever running quest to replicate surfing the waves.  Our cross training boards give the space for cross stepping, spinners and even pop ups!

Check out our range of longboard skate designs including the Sidewalk Surfer, Retro Carve, Stinger, Travelboard. With the Cruiser and  Landsufer in their 21st year of production we’re one of the original, if not the first, UK based Longboard skate manufacturers.

Ordering is simply a case of using the Buy it Now buttons on the site or by contacting us direct for custom made to order boards.

Donny’s weblog can keep you up to date with all the latest travel adventures, ideas, and a few recollections from past travel.

The video below shows just a few things you can do with our boards – carve, cruise, downhill, “dancing” and a few tricks! It features our friends including Ben Skinner, Dan Barber, Chris “Guts” Griffiths and Craig Cuff. Music by Four Stories High with their song Tumbling Down.



Latest News

19.11.17 § The surf FLYER board REISSUE

Chapter 1 The Genesis of the FLYER THE SURF FLYER REISSUE HERE   This is the start of documenting the historic occasion of reviving Britain’s 1st mass produced skate boards. The Warwick Bullet and the Surf FLYER Board were well … Continue reading

13.10.17 § Catching Up

The Still Stoked journey has now spanned 20 years. The quiver of boards which started with the 5ft Cruiser and 6ft Landsurfer in 1997, the 44″ Travel Board in 2001 and the 34″ Retro Carve in 2003 saw  major additions … Continue reading

19.07.16 § HELLS MOUTH SUMMER 2016

Donny will be at Hell’s Mouth from Friday 22nd July until late August with a great looking range of new longboards from Still Stoked. Hammerhead, Retro Carve, Sidewalk Surfer, TB60, Stinger, Landsurfer will all be available. There will be demo … Continue reading

29.06.15 § Still Stoked Hammerhead 40.5″ longboard

This is our gr8 new board for 2015. Unique foot well designs to provide foot grip for all those longboard manoeuvres and tricks. Chris Chaput’s Liquid Attack trucks are the most stable at speed we have yet ridden. The Hammerhead … Continue reading

22.06.15 § Paddle Round the Pier 2015

Finishing boards for Paddle Round the Pier Brighton this week. 4th and 5th of July, flagged as the biggest free festival in the world. More longboards than ever as Still Stoked prepares for this greatest of events. We have been … Continue reading

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A custom built cloth deck signature board.
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