Severn Bore threatened

By midsummer the age old proposals, running for something like half a century, to build a Severn Barrage seemed once again dead. The central issue in development terms is always profitibility and viability. Build an effectual dam across the Severn estuary below the Severn Bridges and the first effect will be to create a vast silt trap allowing the whole upriver lake to accumulate mud sufficient to build a swamp before our very eyes within years. No longer would the barrage be capable of generating energy, no longer would the sea even be able to flow up the Severn, no longer would the largest discharge of freshwater in the British Isles be able to flow to the sea down the Severn estuary. Instead it would spill over the banks and find its way to the sea via previously dry land.
The summer floods of 2007 at Gloucester, Tewkesbury, Upton and elsewhere will pale into insignificance against this causal effect of a Severn Barrage. Every hydrologist knows this so why do politicians and developers keep demanding it should be built? Any right minded person knows the reason.
Due to politicians ever trying to promote their parties it seems that again, now summer is over the Barrage is back on the soap boxes.What I can’t understand is why the Green Energy Groups keep proposing it when they know it will destroy every part of a unique ecological habitat of undoubted world importance. I have heard that one latest viewpoint is that the ecological disaster can be traded off by relocating the habitat.
What an absolute lie and disgraceful suggestion. How will these people relocate the Severn Bore?
The unique nature of the Severn estuary is caused by one single elemental fact. That fact is the diurnal tide which flows up the river Severn and the moving cycle between Neap and Spring tides, culminating in the fortnightly Severn Bores.
Oh did you think the bore only happened a few times a year and in springtime? It happens twice a month for upto five days, twice a day. In the lower estuary the Severn bore appears to some degree virtually every day.
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The life histories of every creature and every part of the natural world of the Severn estuary is driven by the diurnal tide and the effects of the Severn bore. Stop this nonsence and sign the petition

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