Paddle Round The Pier July 5th and 6th 2014 Brighton and Hove Festival

The Paddle Round The Pier Festival 5th and 6th was once again a great event. I got down there on Thursday as usual and met Dave, Sam, Toby, Stig and the others on the Hove Lawns in glorious sunshine which continued through Friday giving way to a wet and windy night. It dawned damp on the Saturday morning but with perfect timing was dry by 9am and although cloudy and breezy brightened up in the afternoon. The Still Stoked stall was buzzing with Daz from Happy Ghetto, artist for the day exhibiting his awesome one off painted TravelBoard decks and prints. For board sales it was the best Saturday ever after some 7 years of continuous Still Stoked presence. The first one I went to was in 1998 if not ’97. The ’98 Paddle was when Still Stoked sponsored¬† Richard Balding from 9 Plus who creamed the Paddle Round The Pier winning a holiday to the Canaries.



I’d like to thank all who supported me and Still Stoked this year through buying boards, beanies and cards etc., and the huge number of people, Mums, Dads and Kids, Guys and Gals with whom I talked boards, surfing and lifestyle. Sunday was a little slower in getting going but by the afternoon the Hove Lawns were jammed solid with visitors to the Event and again board sales were brilliant. For those who couldn’t make it back to pick up a board and those planning to get one later, be assured that in the 17 years Still Stoked has been going I am more enthused than ever by the huge number of compliments I received this year for my handmade British longboards. Thank you all, I shall without any doubt keep the longboards coming.

A great event put on by a great team and driven by a great guy. Thank you once again Dave ‘Sandals’ Samuel.

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