Spring is in the Air

Whether its snow, frost or rain, winter is wet. Its been a long time of rain in the UK this 2013/14 winter. At last we have been getting some lovely warm spring days and ye Spring has sprung; flowers, birds, grass and lambs. You name it, it’s happening. This means boardriders are out there again.

its been a funny time really, since the latter half of last summer. it seems like new longboard skate manufacturers are springing up all over the place. I guess that in part is a reflection of coming out of recession, and if we are that’s good. Whether the market is there to sustain this growth doesn’t matter, because the new shapers/board makers will either stay with it or vanish. What’s important is that this upsurge produces more choice and should push board makers to become more innovative, and I have seen that happening this last six months.

So what are we doing at Still Stoked. Well now in our 18th year of production one thing is certain we aren’t going away.¬† We have tried to keep our prices tight over the years and I believe achieved it. Right now some great products are to be found from the UK commercial producers like Mindless, Lush and now Shiners own DStreet boards, at prices which are unbelievably low. There are now some awesome looking and functioning boards out there which are difficult to beat. I’m having a long hard think at Still Stoked and I know that the 39″ Sidewalk Surfer and the 6ft Landsurfer are two boards¬† I’ll be pushing a bit harder this year. One thing I know is that there are not many places like Still Stoked, where, if you fancy something different from what’s on show, you can ask for a board to be done to the colour of your choice and even with your own graphics. I guess that is Still Stoked really, it’s different, it’s individual, it’s fun and the boards are available with top end hardware at prices which remain remarkably low. Check the range and get in touch.

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