Donny will be at Hell’s Mouth from Friday 22nd July until late August with a great looking range of new longboards from Still Stoked. Hammerhead, Retro Carve, Sidewalk Surfer, TB60, Stinger, Landsurfer will all be available. There will be demo boards to try out too.

T Shirts and surf jewelry

After a fabulous time at the 20th Anniversary of the Brighton Paddle Round The Pier at the beginning of July, when Donny sold a record number of boards and met old friends, made new ones and had a great vibe with longboarders of all ages, boys and girls, guys n gals, he has put together some beautiful new handmade boards. Also in the 20th year of operation under the name Still Stoked he has been designing, crafting and hand finishing dynamic longboards since 1996 and reckons to be the longest longboard manufacturer in the British isles.

Hell’s Mouth is the epicentre of the Still Stoked longboard scene and is our summer camp based at ‘Shops’ aka Donny’s ‘Surfers Hole’ top end of Hells Mouth bay near the base of the Rhiw hill. Donny and Ocean will be there from this Friday 22nd July and Katie from the 29th. We shall be selling from our usual place at the car park, The Middle, Hells Mouth beach.

Check out these boards on Still Stoked Facebook which will be for sale at the beach and at Surfers Hole.

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