Catching Up

The Still Stoked journey has now spanned 20 years. The quiver of boards which started with the 5ft Cruiser and 6ft Landsurfer in 1997, the 44″ Travel Board in 2001 and the 34″ Retro Carve in 2003 saw  major additions in 2013 with the Sidewalk Surfer and the Stinger and again in 2014 with the Hammerhead. Still Stoked is a family thing supported by faithful followers. 2017 was destined to be a special and pivotal year. The Paddle Round The Pier event reinforced our presence, first seen in 1998, with once again excellent board sales. The Still Stoked summer ‘sojourn’ at Hells Mouth, Abersoch, North Wales blew away all records of previous board sale records with a stunning 30 longboards sold, averaging a remarkable one a day until we ran out.

Donny and Katie  have ridden this wave together for a very long time now and every year since he was born Ocean has been a central part of the Hells Mouth Still Stoked scene, so much so that at the age of 9 its in his blood. It was overheard this year in the car park at the Middle, Hells Mouth, that Ocean “is a better salesman than you Donny”, praise indeed for a lad whose skating started at 2 years old and whose surfing old school really started coming together this summer.

And so with this background and we haven’t pushed it, the Still Stoked ethic of Donny Wright is stay small think big, an obvious contradiction in terms. And yet we are still here making 50 boards a year and customs for those who suddenly come out of the blue ergo Fi who we have just recently sent to Sweden a new 5ft cruiser 20 years on from her first cruiser in ’97/’98 when she was one of two girl riders in the Still Stoked team and also a Stinger for her two young children. Second generation Still Stokers, that says it all and along with Tom Wright’s school friend Marc Castillo’s two boys and Ocean we can feel proud of a continuity which started from when most guys and gals in the UK looked at longboard skating as rather weird but slightly wonderful.

Our 20th Anniversary Year is being brought to a close with a very special production. This is the   surf FLYER board   40th Anniversary REISSUE. Follow progress here


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Donny will be at Hell’s Mouth from Friday 22nd July until late August with a great looking range of new longboards from Still Stoked. Hammerhead, Retro Carve, Sidewalk Surfer, TB60, Stinger, Landsurfer will all be available. There will be demo boards to try out too.

T Shirts and surf jewelry

After a fabulous time at the 20th Anniversary of the Brighton Paddle Round The Pier at the beginning of July, when Donny sold a record number of boards and met old friends, made new ones and had a great vibe with longboarders of all ages, boys and girls, guys n gals, he has put together some beautiful new handmade boards. Also in the 20th year of operation under the name Still Stoked he has been designing, crafting and hand finishing dynamic longboards since 1996 and reckons to be the longest longboard manufacturer in the British isles.

Hell’s Mouth is the epicentre of the Still Stoked longboard scene and is our summer camp based at ‘Shops’ aka Donny’s ‘Surfers Hole’ top end of Hells Mouth bay near the base of the Rhiw hill. Donny and Ocean will be there from this Friday 22nd July and Katie from the 29th. We shall be selling from our usual place at the car park, The Middle, Hells Mouth beach.

Check out these boards on Still Stoked Facebook which will be for sale at the beach and at Surfers Hole.

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Still Stoked Hammerhead 40.5″ longboard

This is our gr8 new board for 2015. Unique foot well designs to provide foot grip for all those longboard manoeuvres and tricks. Chris Chaput’s Liquid Attack trucks are the most stable at speed we have yet ridden. The Hammerhead symmetrical longboard is designed for all round and advanced longboarding. First public release at the Brighton Paddle Round The Pier festival this weekend 4th-5th of July.

Material 12mm Buffalo Board Russian birch ply for added strength and durability and longboard deck grip
Length 40.5″ Width 9″
Liquid Attack 180 trucks
Abec 11 70mm 75a green flashbacks
Mini Logos bearings
Bullet dome head bolts for deck protection
Price £170 plus carriage

Check this out for a pretty awesome bit of family fun. Still Stoked were privileged to be chosen to supply the longboards for the Jax Jones video shoot in Spain this Spring for his new song Yeah Yeah Yeah released 27th July this summer. The Hammerhead modified for strollers, pretty rad.

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Paddle Round the Pier 2015

Finishing boards for Paddle Round the Pier Brighton this week. 4th and 5th of July, flagged as the biggest free festival in the world.
More longboards than ever as Still Stoked prepares for this greatest of events. We have been going for many years now and it seems impossible to think Donny, Tomo and Matt were there in 1998 when Still Stoked sponsored Richard Balding who won the race round the pier that year.
The biggest range ever including:-
Sidewalk Surfer
Retro Carve

Lightning bolt spray finishes, cloth deck, beautiful white birch, buffalo decks prices from £75 – £160

Still Stoked surfboard necklaces and key fobs. £2.50

2015 Still Stoked Tees £10

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Our Christmas sale is now open. The SHOP page has some unbeatable board deals.

Coming any day will be the Christmas deal new buffalo deck Retro Carves which we claim as the best priced best set up campus/metro/street rider board in the world. Can you afford to be without one?

Any questions of any sort ring 01594 861835 or 07748534782 or email

Buy for friend partner family or yourself and you will be still stoked 4 ever.

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