Hells Mouth 2014

Just finishing boards for Hells Mouth 26th July to Bank Holiday. TB60s at £70, Longboarding for Peace Travel Boards at £80, Stingers at £50 and £75 and one at £40, Sidewalk Surfers £150, £170, £180 with some truly awesome hardware set  ups, Retro Carves £145 and £160. Boards include the new Buffalo decks, super hard wearing all weather finish and bonding resin which will last for years of regular use. Also a few Drifters which are amongst the eye catchers of our stock at £155.Except the £40 Stinger these are all brand new and complete ready to ride. check out  www.facebook.com/stillstoked97 for pictures and daily details.

You can reserve a board by deposit or full payment and pick up at Hells Mouth. Ring to discuss.

paypal: donny@stillstoked.co.uk

phone 0774854782

catch us at the Middle beach car park or come to our place at Y Carafan, Siop Penrallt, aka Shops or Donnys, top end Hells Mouth Bay 300 yards before  Mr Williams campsite at Treheli

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Paddle Round The Pier July 5th and 6th 2014 Brighton and Hove Festival

The Paddle Round The Pier Festival 5th and 6th was once again a great event. I got down there on Thursday as usual and met Dave, Sam, Toby, Stig and the others on the Hove Lawns in glorious sunshine which continued through Friday giving way to a wet and windy night. It dawned damp on the Saturday morning but with perfect timing was dry by 9am and although cloudy and breezy brightened up in the afternoon. The Still Stoked stall was buzzing with Daz from Happy Ghetto, artist for the day exhibiting his awesome one off painted TravelBoard decks and prints. For board sales it was the best Saturday ever after some 7 years of continuous Still Stoked presence. The first one I went to was in 1998 if not ’97. The ’98 Paddle was when Still Stoked sponsored  Richard Balding from 9 Plus who creamed the Paddle Round The Pier winning a holiday to the Canaries.



I’d like to thank all who supported me and Still Stoked this year through buying boards, beanies and cards etc., and the huge number of people, Mums, Dads and Kids, Guys and Gals with whom I talked boards, surfing and lifestyle. Sunday was a little slower in getting going but by the afternoon the Hove Lawns were jammed solid with visitors to the Event and again board sales were brilliant. For those who couldn’t make it back to pick up a board and those planning to get one later, be assured that in the 17 years Still Stoked has been going I am more enthused than ever by the huge number of compliments I received this year for my handmade British longboards. Thank you all, I shall without any doubt keep the longboards coming.

A great event put on by a great team and driven by a great guy. Thank you once again Dave ‘Sandals’ Samuel.

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Spring is in the Air

Whether its snow, frost or rain, winter is wet. Its been a long time of rain in the UK this 2013/14 winter. At last we have been getting some lovely warm spring days and ye Spring has sprung; flowers, birds, grass and lambs. You name it, it’s happening. This means boardriders are out there again.

its been a funny time really, since the latter half of last summer. it seems like new longboard skate manufacturers are springing up all over the place. I guess that in part is a reflection of coming out of recession, and if we are that’s good. Whether the market is there to sustain this growth doesn’t matter, because the new shapers/board makers will either stay with it or vanish. What’s important is that this upsurge produces more choice and should push board makers to become more innovative, and I have seen that happening this last six months.

So what are we doing at Still Stoked. Well now in our 18th year of production one thing is certain we aren’t going away.  We have tried to keep our prices tight over the years and I believe achieved it. Right now some great products are to be found from the UK commercial producers like Mindless, Lush and now Shiners own DStreet boards, at prices which are unbelievably low. There are now some awesome looking and functioning boards out there which are difficult to beat. I’m having a long hard think at Still Stoked and I know that the 39″ Sidewalk Surfer and the 6ft Landsurfer are two boards  I’ll be pushing a bit harder this year. One thing I know is that there are not many places like Still Stoked, where, if you fancy something different from what’s on show, you can ask for a board to be done to the colour of your choice and even with your own graphics. I guess that is Still Stoked really, it’s different, it’s individual, it’s fun and the boards are available with top end hardware at prices which remain remarkably low. Check the range and get in touch.

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Sponsored Skate for Brain Trust

Josh Bodgers, Zak Ousta, Max Goreki and Tom Curtis are doing a 45/50 mile sponsored skate through the Goyt Valley in the Derbyshire Peak District on the 9th March to raise money and awareness for The Brain Trust. In the words of Josh:

“I am planning to do a sponsored longboard ride in aid of The Brain Trust, and in memory of Lucas Garrity who was a young boy who died of a tumour.”

The death of the little boy Lucas was an absolute tragedy. We wanted to help these guys in their cause and are stoked to be supporting them. They are all young accomplished longboarders and we have supplied them with four TB60 decks for their riding arsenal. They will be doing loads of filming and pictures and you can support them at Lucas Garrity Just Giving

We shall show footage on Still stoked and on our facebook page as it becomes available during their training and on the day. Despite the endless wet nothing stops these guys and they have been out riding the 15mm Travel Board decks since they arrived at Josh’s place on Tuesday. The 15mm TB60 seemed to us to be the best machine for the long distance push, slide and carve which will take them through the spectacular Goyt Valley.

TB60 Decks

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Shaping a Land Paddle Board

It was in 1997 that I last worked on a big board. That was the 6ft Landsurfer, incidentally that was the “original landsurfer” a long time before Hambords awesome Classic in 2007. Then there was the 8 footer for Guts Griffiths in 1998. Guts took the 6ft Landsurfer down to France and Portugal that year, (when he became European Longboard Champion) where it got some attention and sales. Then there was one that went to a guy in Washington who used to skate it past the White House, that was pretty rad too. Early on the Landsurfer went as far afield as Tasmania but exchange rates and carriage pretty much killed off international sales, which was a real shame ‘cos before the Hambords I had at least half a dozen enquiries from Hawaii. I’ve been pretty stoked though that guys like Beau Young, Jay Moriarity, Craig Cuff have all given the Landsurfer  a go and in fact the Landsurfer deck in this post was signed by Wingnut in 1998 which says it all really.

Wingnut Landsurfer

Landsurfer 1998 signed by Wingnut at Welsh Longboard Classic Llangennith Beach

So this one is a new board prototype, creating a big one for Gary Evans at Land paddle UK and here are some pics of the shaping process. We’ve bonded two sheets of 12mm Russian birch ply as we have no 24mm in stock at the machining shop right now. I made the 8 footer on 24mm, but I’d really like to go for 21mm for this model if it runs, just to bring the weight down a bit. However I’m looking to get absolutely minimal to nil flex and with some bigger guys around in the SUP scene, 24mm may have to be it. For the board to work at its best I reckon It’s gotta  work really well off the trucks, so rigid is the word. Surf boards don’t bend and I see no reason why this big board should either, flex creates stall and that is not good news.

I want to get the nose balance point so that that all important nose manual move can be a winner and with 6ft of 24mm behind the fulcrum that could work well. Guys will look at this board and think, well that is a crib of the Hambord Classic. Well actually no, it’s an exact scaled up version of the 6ft Landsurfer (now in its 18th year of production). There is a fact of life with boards made from birch ply, which is economies of scale. You can only get 3 decks out of an 8ft sheet of 1ft width or more and 15″ is about the widest you can get it with the tooling involved in the rail cutting. Right now I’m not too sure on the best length for Land Paddle and I guess Gary will have the final say in that, but to get that nose manual lever and longboard scale I guess 6ft 6″ is pretty much the starting point.


The Big one

The Big Land Paddle board marked out next to Landsurfer

marking out the Big one

marking out

The marking out is with aid of life sized computer images scaled up from the Landsurfer. The deck on top of the birch sheet is the 1998 cloth tip signed by Guts, Richie Balding and Wingnut.

Cutting out a big one Still Stoked

Cutting out a big one Still Stoked

A Big one prototype from Still Stoked

Land Paddle prototype from Still Stoked


The blank is cut. One thing hand held jigsaws don’t seem to like is cutting vertical lines, they nearly always slope out, which makes it real hard hoggin  down the rails with the surform. The aim of the prototype shaping is to create a board from which the production model can be run off with confidence, so the objective of this exercise is to get reasonable accuracy. So the rails are shaped 50/50 bull nose and now ready for sanding.

Initial shaping done on the Big board

Initial shaping done on the Big board

The next step is to position the trucks and line up the bolt holes. Never an easy exercise by hand and one which can’t be rushed. In this initial prototype I am positioning the front truck for a toes over nose ride and a fulcrum point to allow a good nose manual. Tail positioning on a board this size is not so critical I think, but does need to allow those tail 180s that some guys pull off with ease on the Landsurfer.

Ready to position trucks on six six Big Board

Lining up to position trucks on six six Land paddle prototype board.

Well the initial stages are done. Next stage is some test riding but right now, in the middle of December, its wet wet wet here. Depending on how this one rides I shall put another position in for the trucks and then all being well will clean it up, sand it right down smooth, probably stain it and then lacquer ready for delivery to Gary Evans at Land Paddle UK as the prototype for the guys to pick it to pieces, give it the thumbs up or suggest some modifications.

Donny at Still Stoked with bare finished prototype 6ft6" Land Paddle board

Donny at Still Stoked with bare finished prototype 6ft6" Land Paddle board

This board will be ridden first on tightened down Paris 180s and70mm  flashbacks. I think the Paris will provide the best stability and the 195mm will be the final truck option. Both the Bear 181 852 52degree and the 840 40degree downhill may be worth a trial too. I’ve got some 75mm wheels to trial as well.  I’m not convinced very large wheels are the way to go as this is a board for flatter landscapes which needs a fast roll speed on the flat, so smaller as in 70 -75 max may be the best way forward.


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