Sidewalk Surfer original £180

Sidewalk Surfer Original £180

mahogany and maple veneered Sidewalk Surfer from Still Stoked Longboards

Mahogany veneered top with maple veneer inlaid lightning bolt 1 only

The veneer for this board was shaped and cut by hand then glued and pressed to 2 tons pressure in a 5 ton commercial press. It is a Donny Wright Original one only. Hardware is Landyachtz awesome Bear Grizzly 852 180 trucks in matte blue with 70mm 75a Tarantulas from Tunnel and Mini Logo bearings with removable shields.

Original etched under deck.

Etched graphics include:-

Still Stoked Sidewalk Surfer oval and Still Stoked ‘little man’


“Still Stoked Longboard Skates was formed in the UK in 1997

out of Black Dog Boards by Donny Wright. Inspired by the

5ft boards being ridden in California, Donny has been

designing and making longboards ever since. Now and

then Donny will create an Original.”


Sidewalk Surfer Original Bear and Tunnel hardware

This is a pretty awesome board and a real eye catcher. The Sidewalk Surfer from Still Stoked rides like nothing else on Bear trucks and Tunnel Tarantulas. The trucks are designed and made by the Landyachtz team and are simply in a class of their own. The wheels from Tunnel Skateboards are beyond compare and are the best urethane poured in California.

Buy this board and own an unique longboard handmade in Britain.

Available now

Price £180 inc carriage to mainland UK, carriage extra abroad.






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Still Stoked at Hells Mouth 2014

Great 4 weeks at Hells Mouth this year – not so hot on the surf though and it will go down as one of the worst for many years, but it was more than made up for by a record number of longboard sales. Travel Boards, Stingers, Retro Carves all sold out and lots of Sidewalk Surfers sold. The Buffalo decks were the first to go on the upper end priced boards. By upper end I mean £150 tops which is not a lot of money when the hardware includes, Paris or Bear trucks and Abec 11 Flashbacks or Tunnel Tarantulas/Rocks!

It was great to meet up again with old friends and meet new from the Cheshire and Manchester circuit, London, Brighton, Germany, the States, Forest of Dean, Europe and all over.

Still a few Sidewalk Surfers left with some excellent deals. Contact me for more details,  donny

The most fab thing for us during this summer’s surf scene was our lad, 6 years and 3 months old, Ocean’s first stand up surfing on an old 6ft6″ pop out at  “shops” top end of the bay. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this was down to his riding longboards on the tarmac. I would never have believed he would have progressed from body board to surfboard so effortlessly and it has to be due to his riding the Still Stoked Retro Carve since he was two and the Stinger since 2013.

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Hells Mouth Saturday July 26th

All stock is loaded and ready for departure to Hells Mouth for the rest of the summer. The workshop is now closed. Any board enquiries please ring me on 07748534782. Check some of our collection and prices on facebook

Boards can be bought at the Middle beach car park Hells Mouth or visit us at The Caravan top end of the bay by The House on the cliff aka Surfers Hole/Donny’s. Mobile signal not good but usually comes on sooner or later so text us. If we can get a signal at the Middle and you have the facility on your phone you can pay this year by paypal. All down to the signal really!

We have boards, videos, jewelry, cards, beanies, Tee shirts etc… We can’t wait to see and meet up with old friends and make some new ones. Stay Stoked, see you soon.


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Hells Mouth 2014

Just finishing boards for Hells Mouth 26th July to Bank Holiday. TB60s at £70, Longboarding for Peace Travel Boards at £80, Stingers at £50 and £75 and one at £40, Sidewalk Surfers £150, £170, £180 with some truly awesome hardware set  ups, Retro Carves £145 and £160. Boards include the new Buffalo decks, super hard wearing all weather finish and bonding resin which will last for years of regular use. Also a few Drifters which are amongst the eye catchers of our stock at £155.Except the £40 Stinger these are all brand new and complete ready to ride. check out for pictures and daily details.

You can reserve a board by deposit or full payment and pick up at Hells Mouth. Ring to discuss.


phone 0774854782

catch us at the Middle beach car park or come to our place at Y Carafan, Siop Penrallt, aka Shops or Donnys, top end Hells Mouth Bay 300 yards before  Mr Williams campsite at Treheli

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Paddle Round The Pier July 5th and 6th 2014 Brighton and Hove Festival

The Paddle Round The Pier Festival 5th and 6th was once again a great event. I got down there on Thursday as usual and met Dave, Sam, Toby, Stig and the others on the Hove Lawns in glorious sunshine which continued through Friday giving way to a wet and windy night. It dawned damp on the Saturday morning but with perfect timing was dry by 9am and although cloudy and breezy brightened up in the afternoon. The Still Stoked stall was buzzing with Daz from Happy Ghetto, artist for the day exhibiting his awesome one off painted TravelBoard decks and prints. For board sales it was the best Saturday ever after some 7 years of continuous Still Stoked presence. The first one I went to was in 1998 if not ’97. The ’98 Paddle was when Still Stoked sponsored  Richard Balding from 9 Plus who creamed the Paddle Round The Pier winning a holiday to the Canaries.



I’d like to thank all who supported me and Still Stoked this year through buying boards, beanies and cards etc., and the huge number of people, Mums, Dads and Kids, Guys and Gals with whom I talked boards, surfing and lifestyle. Sunday was a little slower in getting going but by the afternoon the Hove Lawns were jammed solid with visitors to the Event and again board sales were brilliant. For those who couldn’t make it back to pick up a board and those planning to get one later, be assured that in the 17 years Still Stoked has been going I am more enthused than ever by the huge number of compliments I received this year for my handmade British longboards. Thank you all, I shall without any doubt keep the longboards coming.

A great event put on by a great team and driven by a great guy. Thank you once again Dave ‘Sandals’ Samuel.

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