Diary of a SurfSk8 Explorer: Ireland

This is the video diary of Donny Wright as he travels around Ireland searching for his perfect wave. We see glimpses of some famous and not so welll known surf breaks of the South, West and North Coasts of Ireland, including Anascaul, Inch Reef and Strand, the Causeway Coast and Lahinch to name just a few. We get to meet with some of the weird and wonderful folk who inhabit the surf breaks, people from the local area to as far afield as Australia and join Donny in the ups and downs of life on the road.
The Diary of a Surf Sk8 Explorer is one man’s back to basics, sometimes rough around the edges, search for waves in a breathtakingly beautiful country. So jump right in and come with Donny in the ultimate “rough giude” to Ireland!

Running time approximately 60 minutes
A Donny Wright Film

Copyright 2003 and 2007 Donny Wright

Price - £7.50

Longwave - Surfing the World's Longest Waves.

In 1955 Colonel ‘Mad’ Jack Churchill surfed a wave for 1.5 miles, in 1965 Rodney Sumpter surfed the same wave for 6 miles. The place, the River Severn – The birthplace of bore surfing. A sport that is now spreading across the river sof the world.
A film about surfing the world’s longest rideable waves from the Severn bore to the Amazon Pororoca – the places, the pioneers, the world’s longest waves. This is the untold story……

With extra features including:
The making of Longwave, Sabrina’s Legacy, A guide to the Tidal Bores of the World, Chronology 1955- 2005, Out takes and Director’s and Boreriders Commentary.

Running time approximately 75 minutes
A Donny Wright Film

Copyright 2005 Donny Wright

Price - £10.00

A New Wave Rising Longboarding UK 2K

A New Wave Rising takes a rounded look at the British longboarding scene from it’s 60′s roots to the year 2000. It features international surfers including privileged and unique footage of the late Jay Moriarty and also of 2001 World Champion Beau Young surfing famed UK breaks; 1998 European Champion, ‘Guts’ Griffiths, and Amateur European Champion, Sam Bleakley, plus a host of other 2K Champions and renowned UK surfers. The New Wave includes a bunch of young ‘kids’ who, to put it simply, were showing the way forward.

If you thought the UK was a place lacking in waves, and surfing is all shortboarding and pretty slack, then you’ve got it wrong. This film shows clean waves and plenty of power, but most of all it shows that the British Isles are an undiscovered longboarders’ haven. It’s a film made to be different and made for individuals who seek self expression. A great soundtrack and a radical intermission, plus some skateboarding like you’ve never seen before.

Running time approximately 100 minutes
A Donny Wright Film

Copyright 2001 Donny Wright

Price - £10.00

Still Stoked Story - The first 10 years.

The Ten year story, up to 2007, of Still Stoked Longboard Skates from its birth in 1997 out of Black Dog Skates through the creation of the Landsurfer – the largest commercially produced board – the 5ft Cruiser and 4 ft Performer in 1998 and on to the new millenium with the TravelBoard and Retro Carve.
The film shows the versilitity of the bigger boards, from cross training tools for surfers to sheer great fun and stoke. If you feel tricks are only for short boards, then prepare to be proved wrong, with out riders showing just what can be done. Skaters include Chris Guts Griffiths, Dan Barber, Craig Cuff, Ben Skinner amongst many more. Thanks to all of you for sharing your stoke and occasional pain!
There’s time to smile, time to learn and time to cringe all within Still Stoked’s first 10 years – who knows what the next ten will bring……

Running time approximately 25 minutes
A Donny Wright Film

Copyright 2007 Donny Wright

Price - £7.50