Still Stoked Retro-Carve

The Retro Carve was first released to the outside world in 2004. It’s a crossover between a longboard and old school mini cruiser and was designed for surfsk8 carving style. It’s very responsive and low for maximum connection with the tarmac. We tested this board throughout 2003 on Llangennith’s lovely new tarmac with longboard and shortboard surfers of all ages and abilities. It’s very popular, very smooth and a fantastic ride.  Donny’s favourite board for the best part of a decade reckons the Retro Carve is  perfection for the back pack rider!!

Riders of 16 stone plus have ridden this board, particularly Guts Griffiths back in 2003. However Donny recommends riders over 12 stone look at the Stinger as a more tolerant board for heavier riders due to its shorter wheelbase.

Please note that only the 15mm TB60,  18mm 5ft Cruiser and 18mm Sidewalk Surfer of our boards are suitable to withstand the latest tricks involving jumping onto or off skateboards.  If you wish to do such tricks then please find a board designed for that.  Our boards are designed for surfing moves, cruising, carving, hanging 10, switchstance and spinners.  The Retro Carve was ridden by Guts Griffiths, the powerful surfer in 2003. However we do not recommend the Retro Carve for heavier riders.We can not refund or replace any board which has been mis used.

Retro Carves

A limited number of Retro Carves are made each year and you may have to order a custom build. Price is the same but delivery time obviously longer. Please contact us for details. Beach Prices  £140, factory  plus £10 carriage.

Evolution of the Retro Carve


After long trials over the last few years with legendary Bennet trucks we have reached a low rider cruising and carving perfection for the Retro Carve. Abec 11 flashback 70mm 75a wheels, bones reds bearings and 6 inch Bennet Vector trucks are expected to be this board’s benchmark for some years to come. Upgraded grip to 2″ strips, etched decks with super clean lines. Independent 1″ bolts as first choice.


After 6 years or so we can no longer source Bennet Vector trucks which is a real loss to the UK longboarding scene. However Paris 150s are a close substitute and give a great flowing carvey ride. The pictures below show the Vector set up when Flashbacks were run on Bones Reds bearings. The Paris 150 hanger is pretty much the same width.

Showing the tops of both of the new Retro Carves

Bases of the New retro Carves

The Hardware features:

  • Woody or White Wood deck with grip tape and laser etched Still Stoked graphic underside
  • Trucks Paris 150 black/silver
  • Wheels Abec 11 Flashback 75a 70mm
  • Bearings Seismic integrated half spacer green Tektons
  • Paris 1/8″ risers
  • Independent 1.25″ bolts.

Price £150 inc carriage

An example of a custom Retro Carve 2011 on Eric Coston 139 Independent trucks and OJ 60mm 78a wheels





Price - £145.00