The Stinger

At 31.5″ this is a mini longboard fish designed in 2013 for fun and performance.  A great responsive board for street, proms and sidewalk which is equally at home in skate parks. Fast and carvey in two models called “small kids” Stinger for under 10s and “big kids” Stinger for over 10s to end of life. Both models come with great original graphics from Still Stoked’s new collaboration with artist Darrell Thorpe, aka Daz of Happy Ghetto.

The “small kids” Stinger is set up to go at an economical price to attract and the “big kids” Stinger is likewise set up and priced to ride, switch an slide to thrill.

Two models and two standard set ups, but if you want a custom we will do our best to do a deck top designs to suit your desires. Check out the photo album for some inspiration

"Big Kids" Stinger


The “big kids” Stinger comes as standard on Shiner DStreet 6″ trucks and 59mm 78a DStreet wheels with mini logos bearings. The new DStreet wheels from Shiner are pretty much the same as 60mm 78a OJ Hot Juice wheels. The deck is an upgrade on the “small kids” model with real neat wheel scallops which should take any custom set ups and with quarter chamfered rails top and bottom. The deck is again clear gripped over Still Stoked decals with the awesome two colour, black/yellow Stinger Bee graphic from Daz.

This is a great loose carving board with just enough in the 78a DStreet wheels to give confident grip, whilst allowing for slide and switch. It will carve a medium slope just like slide hoppin a wave. The Stinger is the perfect road riders companion.


"big kids" Stinger deck bottom

"Big Kids" Stinger from Still Stoked with 2 colour Bee stinger graphics

Deck :-

31.5″ x 8″ Russian birch ply fish design with 2 colour yellow and black Stinger Bee decal on base and Still Stoked decals and clear grip tape on top.


6″ DStreet trucks 91a bushings.

DStreet 59mm 78a wheels.

Mini Logo bearings.

DStreet  half inch “soft” risers in yellow and black.

Independent 1.5″ bolts.

Price does not include carriage.

Price – £89.00

Custom decks and hardware set ups made to order. The general price bracket for a custom is £130 plus carriage. Bennet Vector 4.3″ or 5″ trucks or Indy 136 trucks would be choice with Tunnel Rocks / OJs / Hawgs micro monsters.

Price - £POA

"small kids" Stinger

In 2014 the “small kids” Stinger comes on 80s/90s Variflex trucks and iconic Clouds bushings from back in the Day, with 65mm Bandit wheels from Mindless which make a perfect ride for this economically priced board. Black Stinger Bee art work and clear gripped deck over Still Stoked decals and a clean cut template gives the 12mm white birch ply deck with square mini bevel rail not only a neat and functional look but also makes it a real cool looker.

We have ridden this board hard enough to conclude that it is fun and great for Big Kids too! Whilst we can be confident that the “small kids” Stinger will take weights to 12 stone with ease, it must be said that the Variflex truck is employed on this board only for light guys an gals, hence our cut off age at 10 years old. The Variflex trucks were renowned for their rather strange pivot shape and cup setting and we dismantle and then reassemble every truck  adjusted and ready to ride so that small kids can make it carve!


"small kids" Stinger bottom

"small kids" Stinger with B/W stinger Bee artwork

Deck :-

31.5″ x 8″ Russian birch ply fish design with black Stinger Bee decal on base and Still Stoked decals and clear grip tape on top.


5.2″ Variflex trucks with Clouds bushings.

65mm Bandit wheels from Mindless.

DStreet bearings

DStreet half inch “cheese block” risers.

Surrey Skateboard 1.5″ stainless bolts.

Price does not include carriage.

Price - £59.00