“small kids” Stinger

In 2014 the “small kids” Stinger was built on 80s/90s Variflex trucks and iconic Clouds bushings from back in the Day, with 65mm Bandit wheels from Mindless which made for a fun ride for youngsters¬† and an economically priced board. Black Stinger Bee art work and clear gripped deck over Still Stoked decals and a clean cut template gave the 12mm white birch ply deck with square mini bevel rail not only a neat and functional look but also made it a real cool looker.

We also rode this board hard enough to conclude that it was fun and great for Big Kids too! However the weird and wonderful Variflex trucks are now long gone from the trade and we have now upgraded all the hardware to a more sustainable budget price to suit all ages from pre 5 year old youngsters to post 60 seniors! Great fun and rideable in the skate park as well as street. The black and white bee graphic underside has given way to a lush Teak oiled finish.

Deck :-

31.5″ x 8″ Russian birch ply fish design, teak oiled below and Still Stoked etched decals and clear grip tape on top.


Havana 180 trucks

D STREET 59cents 78a wheels.

Mini Logo bearings

0.5″ green ‘soft’ risers.

D STREET 1.5″ dome head allen bolts.

Price does not include carriage.

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