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Travel Board

Built around the all versatile 44″ travel board deck we have tried and tested many different hardware set ups since 2001 and can honestly say that pretty much any longboard set up works on the Travel Board. Hardware of choice is trucks from Paris  including 180s/150s,  Holeys from Surrey Skateboards (no longer available from Gavin at Surrey), awesome Bears only available to Still Stoked from Steez Europe), Luxe 180 (currently the standard TB60 truck), Havana 180, Rogue 185 and Seismic 180. Wheels from Abec 11, DStreet, Cadillac. If you want something extra we’ll always do our best to source the hardware for a custom board but be prepared that costs can be high if not through our range of suppliers.
All Travel Boards with gr8 hand applied graphics and great hardware, priced to suit your wallet.
All boards are available at direct from workshop prices.

For Review of Travel Board see Silverfish

Please note that  the 15mm TB60 of our board range is suitable to withstand the latest range of longboarding tricks some of which involve jumping onto boards from height.  All things will break if stress is too great and none of our boards are designed to withstand the stresses created by heavy riders doing extreme tricks.  If you wish to do such tricks then please find a board designed for that.  In our range we would say that only the TB60, 5ft 18mm Cruiser and 18mm Sidewalk Surfer are likely to be suitable. Contact us for advice concerning safe rider weight limits for a candid opinion based on over 20  years of longboarding experience. Our boards are primarily  for surfing moves, cruising, carving, hanging 10, switchstance and spinners.  We can not refund or replace any board which has been mis-used.

Travel Board Blank deck

Currently OUT OF STOCK please enquire for estimated restocking dates.

Here are our very popular Travel Board decks on their own and ready for your own creative talents.  Make the board just how you want with the ride you’ll love.

This 15mm birch ply flat profile deck has wheel cutouts and is sanded before we pack it up and send it to you.

Catch a bargain and make the board of your dreams!

Price includes Courier delivery to Mainland UK only. Please email us for prices to anywhere else.

Price - £22.50


With the launch of the Travel Board TB60 in 2008 we tried to get as many people as possible into Longboard Skating because it is such a wicked thing to do and so we  produced this board at a super LOW price of £60. Since then the hardware spec has been constantly upgraded improving the quality, feel and dynamic of this versatile board. It has been at £80  since 2016 and we hope to keep this mark as long as possible.

View of the base of the TB60

View of the top of the TB60

It’s got a great carvey ride without being too tweaky and the 59mm D STREET wheels give a solid smooth ride.  It does all the things you’d want it to and is absolutely perfect for someone wanting to start out skating, whatever your age!

The deck is our normal Travel Board on 15mm Russian Birch ply, finished with a wicked stencil spray  and complete gripped top either clear or black grip depending on availibility.

Current Hardware features:

  • D STREET 59 cents  wheels mixed blue and red
  • Responsive 180 Luxe trucks
  • Mini Logo bearings lubricated with Bones speed cream – a great fast running bearing.
  • 0.5″ risers
  • D STREET 1.5″ dome head allen mounting bolts

The finished underside of the new TB60 decks.

Price £80

There are two delivery options for you to choose from:

Guaranteed 48 hour deliver (working days) with tracking and signed for – £10.00

Pick Up only – Please only choose this option if you have contacted us beforehand.

Price - £80.00