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Between 1997 and 2001 Donny Wright was travelling for surf an skate around the UK, living much of the time on the road on cheap fare and his wits. This is the original look at a lifestyle becoming increasingly difficult to fulfil due to rising costs at every level. It is therefore now the archive of a brief period in time when things were nowhere near as cheap and do able, as the 60s and 70s, but nonetheless cheap and do able they were for the times, when the millenium was drawing in to a watershed of held beliefs and new hopes. All prices and cost related stuff is grossly out of date and no longer applies. You may be inspired, you may not be. Prices and costs are relative. Today’s low cost surf sk8 travel junkies will still make it happen and some of this archive content may assist in your plans to stay stoked on living free an easy.

nb. A number of prices, such as vans, were adjusted some years ago. During 1997-2000 a top end old van would be £1000 to £1500, but tax exempt serviceable vans to convert for living were more like £100 – £450!!

Van life isn’t for everybody, but most love the allure of it – it’s seen as cool, radical, hardcore or eccentric depending on your perspective. This page includes everything related to van living.
Still Stoked Travel includes a number of articles, which together form the complete collection of Still Stoked Van Life Guides.
Included in this selection are useful tips on old camper vans and how to survive the colder months, and stories from the experiences of the Still Stoked team on the road.

All About Van Life
Autumnal Travel Tips
Donny’s Autumn Recipe Book
Van Life, Morning Glass and Autumn
The Other Side Of Life
Poems From The Watershed

Please note that all articles are copyrighted by Donny Wright at Still Stoked, and while you may freely read them and print them of, additional publication of any of this material, for any purpose, is strictly prohibited without the prior consent of Donny Wright. © 2011 Still Stoked.

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